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Our Meetings

65 Oakfield Avenue

We hold weekly meetings every Thursday evening from 6pm. These are a mixture of academic and more social events, ranging from academic debates and guest lectures to pub quizzes and games nights. Sometimes we'll be at the pub, sometimes in a lecture theatre, crazy or chill, there'll be something for everyone.

Academic Discussions

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This year we will be holding some bi-weekly additional academic discussions alongside our regular meetings, ensuring we're doing all we can to give you that classical scholarly fix you're craving. These will be either a book discussion of an ancient text or modern adaptation, or an academic lecture from post-grad students, members of the faculty or other guests every other week (so each occurring every 4 weeks), and will be held at 65 Oakfield Avenue at 5pm on Thursday, just before our socials. The inaugural book club is on 'Circe' by Madeline Miller and will be on the 28th of September. Hope to see you there!

Meet the Board

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I like rocks. I'm in 3rd year Geography and I'm the guy in charge of most meetings, so if you like what we're doing you've got me to thank.

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I'm a 3rd year Classics student with a passion for theatre - come be in our plays! I arrange our monthly book club and lecture series too :)

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3rd year Music - I'm the writer and musical director of our plays, and I also run the society's social media accounts. I love to eat radishes in my free time

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Αυτή τη στιγμή είμαι καταζητούμενος φυγάς στην Ελλάδα και λατρεύω το αβοκάντο - Periphetes, 2023

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Welfare Officer

I'm a 4th year History/ Classics student and I am one of the welfare officers. I'm here to discuss any issues you might have and I love making friends so come chat to me at society meetings!

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Welfare Officer

4th-Year English Literature student. I'm your first port of call for any welfare issues related to the society, or you're also very welcome to come talk to me about fun things like books and niche historical interests.

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Pre-Honours Rep. for Ancient Languages

I'm a second year Classics student who also studies Ancient Languages. I'm a great person and I'm here to help with anything Classics related!

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Pre-Honours Rep. for Classics

I'm a second year Ancient History and English Lit student always down for a chat or good story. I'm here to help, especially if it's classics related

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Ordinary Member

I'm a second year Literature and Film student who's fully given up on academic Classics but I'm still lingering at the door. I'm here for any general help and assistance that any of the members will need!

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Ordinary Member

Big believer that Latin is more interesting than Ancient Greek and a huge Ovid and Suetonius fan. So, if you have an ex who became an animal or good gossip, I’d love to hear it.